SERVPRO of Pleasanton / Dublin Employee Photos

SERVPRO employee in front of green truck

Barry Rutherford

Owner/General Manager

BARRY! He's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!

Barry, along with his wonderful wife Yolanda, has been at the helm of SERVPRO of Pleasanton/Dublin since the inception of their franchise in March 2008. Their journey has been a true labor of love, as they've invested their hearts and souls into every job they undertake, which is a testament to their character. This sentiment is echoed by their past customers who will tell you the same.

Barry is an avid golfer and fisherman. A fun fact about him: at the tender age of 18, Barry had the thrilling experience of piloting a Learjet for 20 minutes, covering over 200 miles at an altitude of 41,000 feet, cruising at a speed of 637mph! The aspect of his job he cherishes the most is forging lasting relationships and being there for people when they need it the most.

SERVPRO employee in front of green truck

Armando Vasquez

Armando plays a crucial role in our restoration team as a Crew Chief. He has contributed to numerous projects, assisting many individuals within the Pleasanton and Dublin community. Armando enjoys spending time with his family and playing soccer. His favorite aspect of his job is excellent leadership.

SERVPRO® employee in front of green truck

Carlos Garzon

Carlos G. is a valued Production Technician at SERVPRO of Pleasanton/Dublin. We appreciate having him with us! He has contributed significantly to numerous restoration projects in the area. He takes pleasure in listening to music.  His favorite aspect of working here is the positive work environment!

SERVPRO employee in front of green truck


Jon is another one of our Crew Chiefs.  He has excellent customer service and is very knowledgeable in our industry.  He keeps himself busy during slow periods, from putting Christmas bows on the vehicles to painting and descaling them.  Jon loves taking his boys on very creative adventures.  He enjoys having the freedom to express himself in business and pleasure.

SERVPRO employee in front of green truck


Jesus is one of our Production Technicians and doesn’t hesitate to get his hands dirty all on his own.  Jesus is an excellent team player.  He loves the Dallas Cowboys, Starbucks and video games.

SERVPRO employee in front of green truck

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos is an exceptionally skilled technician on our SERVPRO of Pleasanton/Dublin team. He is the father of twin 16-year-old boys and enjoys playing pool in his free time. His favorite aspect of his job is the opportunity to visit various places and meet new people.

SERVPRO employee in front of green truck

Tomas Barrera

Tomas is another one of our Production Technicians.  Tomas is very reliable, a hard worker and someone you can always depend on.  He loves soccer and has played at the San Jose Earthquake Academy.  He enjoys the family-oriented environment here at SERVPRO Pleasanton/Dublin.

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