Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold remediation in Blackhawk, CA

This Mold damage in Blackhawk, CA was due to rain gutters outside not being installed properly after they were moved. The wood paneling that covered these walls... READ MORE

Moldy kitchen island in Pleasanton

This moldy kitchen island in Pleasanton, CA was the result of a slow leak from the refrigerator supply line leak for several weeks. The owner only realized ther... READ MORE

Mold apartment in Dublin, CA

This mold damaged apartment in Dublin, CA was the result of a supply line leaking in the wall while the tenant was out of town. Notice in the first photo how th... READ MORE

Saturated property in Pleasanton, CA

The water filtration unit failed during this family's vacation. There was 7" in of water in the crawlspace along with two plus feet of mold within the drywall. ... READ MORE

Dublin, CA 94568

An initial inspection using an infrared camera to detect moisture in this Dublin apartment home found moisture hidden in a kitchen island. Upon removing a pane... READ MORE